About Osman Akin

[02/20/2023 - This page is still under construction! :)

I (Osman Akin, 1989) was born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. To some, my name may give away that I indeed have Turkish origins. My mother grew up in the Netherlands and her significant other was 'imported' later. This makes me part of what what I like to call: the 2.5th generation.

Although I was once admitted to 2 different art academies, I was insecure about pursuing a creative degree. I did not have role models who made a living from their art and my parents tried to save me from their experience of hardship.

I studied International communication and media and always tried to explore my creativity when the situation would call for it. Luckily, my interest in art and technology never subsided and I have had many occasions to explore its boundaries. A major step was when my best friend Wiebren Altena helped me discover my fascination for painting in 2020. For me, it is a great way to regain focus and clarity.

The art provided here is the result of autonomy and persistence. Of fascination and discovery. My excitement often goes together with an almost educational character. I am all about merging identities and cultural philosophies - broadening people's beliefs. I am all about experimenting and playing. I am all about resonating, expressing and matching frequencies.

Thank you for reading this.




Schiemond 20-22
3024 EE - Rotterdam
The Netherlands