How to order

Use the contact form to reach out about the work you are interested in.
You will be informed about the work's availability and pricing. The price always includes the frame and covers shipping too.
Upon confirmation, we will contact you to arrange the delivery. Orders which are to be shipped in the Netherlands will be delivered personally!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the most common questions in the table below. Do not hesitate to contact us incase your question is not answered below.
Are your works for sale?

Yes, they finally are! Use the contact form to get in touch with me about any of them!

Where are you located and do you speak Dutch?

In the Netherlands and in Rotterdam, to be more specific! I was born here and speak Dutch too :-)

Do you ship outside the Netherlands too?

I have not done so before and I reckon I will only do insured shipping methods. Let me know in what area you live, and I will dive into the possibilities for you!

Can you give advice on which work would be most suitable for our location?

This is possible! You can send over a photo of your location/office/home after getting in touch with me. We can probably also arrange a videocall so I can assess your surroundings more properly. Contact me!

Do you also do commissioned work?

This is a great honor! But please keep in mind that, in order to prevent disaster, I will be very 'blunt' on whether your demand is feasible or not. In the near future, I will create a commission form to help you in verbalizing your commissions further.

What else do you create?

Currently working on developing simple / small decorative objects which you can decorate your desk or bookshelves with. More about that will be announced later!

Can I view the work before purchasing?

Upon appointment, you can visit my studio at Schiemond 20-22, 3024 EE in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Please use the contact form to arrange a meeting! We can also do an online-call, in which I guide you further - should you prefer!

Are your works signed and do they come with a certificate?

These works are signed on the back and will come with a certificate of authenticity. If you wish, you will also be added to the OWA network of supporters. This network is meant so that fans can interact with one another.

Can I try before I buy?

If you are living in the Netherlands, then yes - you may enquire about the option. The payment would then be considered a deposit. Shipping costs would then be the customer's.

Are you open to artistic collaborations?

For sure! If we resonate and our interests can fire up something exciting, I am all in for it.

Do you have tips on mindfulness apps I could try?

I am a big fan of the Waking Up app by Sam Harris. He invites many experts over and broadens the provided content quite regularly.

Can I buy your artworks without frame?

Yes that is possible too.

Any interiors your works would stand out extra well on?

It depends on the collection and the specific painting. Most of these paintings are quite cozy at night. I'd recommend to place them in spaces where you think, rest or meditate. Therapists probably could also place them in their waiting rooms or lobby.

Would you like to exhibit with us?

If you are closeby (meaning in The Netherlands), then I'd love to! Currently transport is the limiting factor for other locations.

Can I share a suggestion/feedback with you?

Certainly! Take me on a journey and let's grow together.

Do you also sell prints?

I currently don't - as many of my works are textured and it would not come across that well on print. But please reach out to me anyway.or consider asking me for a commission :-)

Do you have digital works for sale?

No currently I don't. I have been playing around with the idea to digitise the collection and try virtual exhibitions. At the moment I am also not interested in NFT's.